First Aid Training

Scannell Safety Services Basic First Aid Training
Course Description

This Basic First Aid course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills of the participants to administer basic first aid in an emergency situation. It is a full day course, delivered by a certified trainer, through a combination of classroom based tutorials and practical training.

Scannell Safety Services Cardiac First Responder Training
Course Description

Our Cardiac First Responder training course will provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to respond and assist with a life threatening medical emergencies such as choking, cardiac arrest and stroke. Attendees will gain skills in the basic life support in CPR with knowledge in use of an AED/defibrillator.

Scannell Safety Services Paediatric First Aid Training
Course Description

Our Paediatric First Aid Course gives participants the skills and knowledge to treat children and infants for injuries that may occur in normal day to day activities. Participants will learn you how to assess and deal with choking, CPR, burns and other medical conditions specific to children.

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