Traffic Management Audits

Traffic Management Audits

Temporary Safety Measures Inspection (TSMI) is an inspection of road works sites on the national road network. The purpose of TSMI is to ensure that temporary safety measures standards are being correctly implemented at road work sites and to record possible impacts of road works on the safety of traffic flow.
Scannell Safety Services offer a professional Temporary Safety Measures Inspection (TSMI) Service to ensure temporary traffic measures (TTM) operations are being managed safely and correctly. Auditing will ensure compliance with organisational policies and procedures, but also ensure operations are being completed in accordance with traffic management plans.
This practice will in turn help to standardise good practice and improve efficiency within your workforce.


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Audit Process

The audit process covers various aspects of road works sites, including
A TTM installation from the perspective of the road user,
Compliance with statutory requirements such as road closures, speed limit orders, etc,
TTM Documentation such as SOP's, method statements, etc,
Organisational policies and procedures for TTM.

Audit Frequency

The frequency of TSMI is based on the duration of the road works. The minimum requirements for TSMI are outlined in the following table. It may be necessary to carry out inspections more frequently on busy roads or where major changes have been made to temporary safety measures at a site.

Duration of Road Works % of sites to be inspected per annum Frequency of inspection
> 1 year 100% Quarterly
1 month to 1 year 50% Single
> 24 hours < 1 month 10% to 20% Single
< 24 hours Random Single

Experienced and Efficient

Our auditors have traffic management experience and are certified in the design and auditing of Temporary Traffic Management.

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